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Thank you for visiting Dowd Medical Associates web site. Dowd Medical Associates is a medical practice that includes a pediatrics division and a gynecology division.

We have two offices with pediatrics located at 107 Woburn Street, the original Dowd building, and Gyn now located around the corner at the new 2 Haven Street building.

The practice was started more than 40 years ago by a husband and wife team of doctors, the Dowds. Thomas Dowd was an obstetrician and Barbara Dowd was a pediatrician. While the Dowds retired many years ago, their tradition of practicing excellent medicine with an emphasis on respect and compassion for their patients continues today.

Our hope is that this web site will provide useful information for those looking for a new doctor as well as for those patients who are already a part of the Dowd Medical group. Please call our office anytime with questions that are not answered here; 781-944-4250 for pediatrics and 781-944-6249 for Gyn.

Flu Vaccination 2015-2016


We are currently out of flumist, Please do not hold out in vaccinating your child this late in the season, we have shots available.

Flu vaccine, both shot and mist, is supplied to us by the State of MA. Unfortunately, more than 2 million doses of Flumist have been rejected due to not meeting State standards. This has delayed shipment to all private practices. Fulfillment of our order of Flumist is estimated to be in December. We are receiving periodic small shipments from private suppliers as well as the state, which are billed to your insurance, and will make those available as they arrive at Dowd Medical.

At this time, we do have Flu shots available for all ages 6 months to 18+ and are recommended. The shortage is for Flumist.

Please continue to monitor this website for Flu Clinics or speak with your doctor if you have an upcoming appointment.

Again, as inventory reaches our facility, we offer it quickly to our patients. Thank you for your patience during this vaccine season.


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