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Hospital Affiliations

We use Winchester Hospital as our primary pediatric hospital.

For Newborn Care:

If you deliver at Winchester Hospital, one of our Dowd Medical providers will come by after you deliver to examine your baby and to speak with you. We come in each day that you and the baby are in the hospital. 

For Pediatric Emergency Care:

If your child needs pediatric emergency care, the Winchester Hospital emergency department is staffed by board certified ER doctors and by pediatric ER doctors from Children's Hospital, Boston.​ 

For Pediatric Inpatient Care:

If your child needs to be admitted to the hospital, they can be cared for by the Pediatric hospitalist team at Winchester Hospital. Occasionally, a child will need to be transferred to a specialty pediatrics hospital, and in that case our patients can be seen at either Children’s Hospital Boston, or MassGeneral Hospital for Children.

For Pediatric Urgent Care:

Our office is available for most urgent care issues, including after hours care on evenings and weekends. In addition to urgent sick visits, we are able to evaluate most other urgent issues such as lacerations, musculoskeletal injuries like sprains or fractures, or concussions in our office. If our office is closed our on call providers can help guide care over the phone, or recommend a pediatric urgent care center. 

For Pediatric Specialty Care:  

Our providers can assist you in navigating pediatric specialty care at one of the major children’s hospitals in Boston: Tufts Children’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital Boston, or MassGeneral Hospital for Children.

(P) 781-944-4250 (F) 781-944-2276

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